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Silicon nanoparticles for oral administration of molecular hydrogen

Hennie MarieJohnsen (NACAMDED), Werner Filtvedt (NACAMDED), Marianne Hiorth, Jo Klaveness
Research summary:

Medical use of hydrogen gas (H2) has been given increasing attention over the past 15 years with numerous clinical trials for a variety of indications. The biological activity of H2 includes antioxidant properties and thereby the ability to neutralize damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS). Administration of hydrogen as a medical gas is limited by the poor water solubility and by the flammability of H2 in air. Therefore, nanocarriers have been investigated for safer and more efficient administration of hydrogen. Silicon particles are suggested for oral administration with the ability to undergo a redox reaction with water to produce H2in vivo.

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Research article by Hennie Marie Johnsen, PhD student and project technician, Nacamed.

International Journal of Pharmaceutics Volume 629, 15 December 2022, 122371
Nacamed / Dynatec AS // Rakkestadveien 1, 1814 Askim