Nacamed is a Norwegian spin-off company of Dynatec AS. Dynatec has through the 10 last years investigated in the production of Silicon particles, and has acquired unique competencies in this area.

Nacamed aims is to combine these physical competencies with the clinical competencies in the pharmaceutical industry to create a new generation of treatment methods. Our vision is to contribute to human health through targeted drug delivery.

Our research


Nils Lemming
Executive MBA in Management Control
IB from UWC in Canada B.sc. Econ from CBS in Copenhagen Executive MBA in Management Control from NHH, Bergen (2014), 35 years top management experience in the service industry
Marie Johnsen
Project technician
MSc in Nanotechnology
Master's degree from the Nanotechnology engineering program at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Research experience from IFE and SINTEF
Werner Filtvedt
COO & founder
PhD in Physics, Master of Applied Mathematics
8 years of research & development experience with the centrifuge CVD reactor development leading to the principle of the Dynatec reactor.


Helge Lars Berger Copy
Member of the board
Master in Business & Administration
30 years industry experience within finance and management. Involved in building up Askim & Mysen Rør AS
Christina Westerveld Haug
Chairman of the board
Master of Pharmacy
18 years top management experience in the pharmacy and biotech industry. Founder and CEO of Farmaka which was sold to Alliance Boots in 2005.
+47 900 89 347cwh@nacamed.com
Josef Filtvedt
Founder and memeber of the board
Bachelor in engineering
35 years industry experience within engineering and management. Founder & CEO of Dynatec group.
Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
Member of the board
MsC in marketing & strategy
20 years industry experience within sales, marketing and finance. Serial entrepeneur. In 2014 he founded the software company Skooler.


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