The Silicon particles have desired inherent characteristics:

The particle is shown to degrade completely. In in vitro studies, nearly all particle structures were gone after 13 days*
Excretion from the body
The particles are transformed into silicic acid, which is excreted through the kidneys.
Both Silicon and silicic acid is naturally present in the body and is believed to be non toxic.
With Silicon particles, a carrier system is achieved which is totally eliminated from the body

Zeta Potential

The zeta potential is controlled by surface modification within the reactor or post process, and can be tailored to control the hydrophobic/hydrophilic traits of the particle, or the affinity to certain tissues

Size and Shape

Size and shape of the particle is controlled by process conditions. This results in a narrow particle size distribution, and the possibility to make either spherical or disc shaped particles. Particles have been made in the range 30 nm-1000 nm

Incorporating of other elements within the particle:

In the production process, other elements can be incorporate in the particle, like metals (e.g. gold (Au)), semiconductors, or other elements with desired characteristics


Because of the oxygen free production environment, the particle can be coated with a chosen element to achieve the right surface. For example can the particle be carbonized through the production process. The carbon layer can then be used for covalent bounding to ligands or other molecules.
With the Nacamed production of Silicon particles, a wide range of options for tailoring is achieved​.

The loading and unloading abilities of the particle can be controlled

Pore size:
The pore size can be controlled through the etching process ​A variety of etching procedures to make different pore sizes and geometries​:

- Depth​
- Width
- ​Frequency
- ​Shape (V or O groves)​

Surface texturing in CVD process may control the secondary etching process​

Coating to reduce pore openings can be done in or post reactorprocess


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