The Nacamed technology is based on 10 years of research on Silicon done by Dynatec engineering. This has resulted in a unique production technology solving previous production issues, and enabling a production that can tailor particles with the desired physical attributes.

The production costs are substantially decreased compared to previous methods, and production capacity can be scaled up to meet future needs.

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Spherical formed particles with excact diameter

Predefined and narrow size/geometry distribution, thus loading evenly compared to alternatives using crushed silicon.

Tailored material

The particles in the material are tailored with an optimal size according to customer needs.

We can design PSi nanoparticles with different surface functionalities

PSi nanoparticles have unique physicochemical properties making them attractive biomaterial candidates for drug delivery and other biomedical applications.

PSi-based nanoparticles as advanced drug-delivery systems

Multiple diseases can be treated by loading different therapeutic agents simultaneously into the PSi nanopores, which opens up new avenues for some therapies.

PSi nanoparticles safety

The appropriate particle size, surface chemistry and dose are important parameters to control the toxicity of the PSi nanoparticles at the cellular and organ/tissue levels.

Biodistribution, accumulation & clearance of PSi nanoparticles

PSi nanoparticles are readily removed from the bloodstream by the mononuclear phagocytic system after intravenous administration.
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