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New technologies for silicon production from monosilane; Pilot testing and on-line process monitoring aiding the development

Trygve Mongstad, Hallgeir Klette, ├śrnulf Nordseth, Thomas J. Preston, Guro M. Wyller, Werner O. Filtvedt
Research summary:

Production of high-purity silicon for solar cells and  electronics can be done through several routes. Although the  trichlorosilane-based Siemens process is dominating the industry today there  is reason to believe that monosilane-based processes and upgraded  metallurgical silicon will take over in the long run. This paper will give a short description of the status on research and  development on monosilane-based polysilicon production technologies.  Furthermore we will summarize some of our experiences as an independent research facility for silicon production and demonstrate some results on how  pilot reactor testing, on-line monitoring and process control improves  silicon production technologies.

Mongstad, Klette, Nordseth, Preston, Wyller, Filtvedt, Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry, XIII, Kristiansand, 2016-06-13--06-16
Nacamed / Dynatec AS // Rakkestadveien 1, 1814 Askim