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Nanostructure-mediated drug delivery

Gareth A. Hughes, PhD
Research summary:

Nanotechnology is expected to have an impact on all industries  including semiconductors, manufacturing, and biotechnology. Tools that  provide the capability to characterize and manipulate materials at the  nanoscale level further elucidate nanoscale phenomena and equip researchers  and developers with the ability to fabricate novel materials and structures.  One of the most promising societal impacts of nanotechnology is in the area  of nanomedicine. Personalized health care, rational drug design, and targeted  drug delivery are some of the benefits of a nanomedicine-based approach to  therapy. This review will focus on the development of nanoscale drug delivery  mechanisms. Nanostructured drug carriers allow for the delivery of not only  small-molecule drugs but also the delivery of nucleic acids and proteins.  Delivery of these molecules to specific areas within the body can be  achieved, which will reduce systemic side effects and allow for more  efficient use of the drug

G.A. Hughes / Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 1 (2005) 22–30
Nacamed / Dynatec AS // Rakkestadveien 1, 1814 Askim