What are drug carriers?

Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
May 9, 2018

Many people are engaged in cancer medicine these days. But did you know that the material delivering the active ingredients is almost as important as the active ingredients itself?

These are called drug carriers. It is important that the drug carriers can carry as much active ingredients as possible, that they donĀ“t disintegrate too early and that they are able to reach the right spot. Besides, they should not be toxic to humans or to the environment. This is what Nacamed are working on. By using a special reactor, they have succeeded in developing nanoparticles of porous silicon, which is likely to be well suited as drug carriers.

In the beginning, Nacamed will be focusing on cancer medicine. In cancer medicine, it is especially important that the drug carriers do a good job because the active ingredients are very strong and often have many negative side effects. Therefore, you would not want the drug to affect the healthy tissue. Even though cancer medicine will be the main focus in the beginning, this work has the potential of benefiting many types of medicine in the long run.

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