Nacamed granted funding in NANO2021 project

December 15, 2017

NOK 45,7 million has been allocated as a result of the call for proposals with deadline 11.10.2017.

Title of call for proposals: 27 millioner kroner til Innovasjonsprosjekter innenfor nanoteknologi

Total funding sought: NOK 106,5 millionTotal funding granted: NOK 45,7 millionTotal number of grant applications submitted: 15Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector : 15

Distribution of marks for the grant applications  

Programme board: Odd-Arne Lorentsen, Bodil Holst, Pawel Sikorski, Hilde Løken Larsen, Stein Ivar Hansen, Sverker Molander, Maria Gjølberg, Bjørn C. HaubackSubstitute members: Dag Høvik

The assessment process has been carried out in conformance with the Research Council of Norway's Regulations on Impartiality and Confidence, see

Projects granted funding 

Project numberProject titleInstitution/company281882Point-of-Care Color Testing kit for CA125 and Biologic DrugsGIAMAG TECHNOLOGIES AS281920Novel Alginate Oligomer Products for Enhanced Delivery Across Mucosal BarriersALGIPHARMA AS281926Sammenhengen mellom mikrofeil i optiske aktive elementer og sammenbrudd i mekanisk, fysisk og elektrisk testingpoLight as281906NANO CARRIER - Porous Silicon Nano particles will be produced and studied, in vitro and in vivo for cancer diagnostics, therapy and imaging.NACAMED AS

Nacamed / Dynatec AS // Rakkestadveien 1, 1814 Askim