what we do

Nacamed’s business goal is to produce nanoparticles of silicon material for targeted drug delivery of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and diagnostics to kill cancer cells. We have the IPR to a patented technology which can produce silicon nanoparticles, and are now entering research and development phase for tailoring our product to market need through collaborative research.

Particles for use in this manner have to be perfect in size and shape and be completely sterile. The particles also need to be biodegradable, which means that they will dissolve and disappear from the body without contributing to any side effects. Nanoparticles of silicon have already been scientifically tested and found optimal for this type of application.

Material has few / no side effects or late effects on the body. 


Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
Chief Operating Officer

Rakkestadveien 1
1814 Askim, Norway

Phone:  +47 69 83 80 10
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