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Nanomaterials in combating cancer Therapeutic applications and developments

Samina Nazir, PhD, Tajammul Hussain, PhD, Attiya Ayub, MS, Umer Rashid, PhD, Alexander John MacRobert, PhD
Research summary:

The development of novel nanomaterials and their use in  biomedicine has received much attention in recent years. Significant advances  have been made in the synthesis of nanomaterials with controlled geometry,  physicochemical properties, surface charge, and surface tailoring with  bioactive polymers. These successful efforts have resulted in improved  biocompatibility and active targeting of tumour tissues, leading to the  development of a diverse range of nanomaterials that can recognize cancers, deliver anticancer drugs and destroy tumours by a variety of therapeutic  techniques. The focus of this review is to provide an overview of the  nanomaterials that have been devised for the detection and treatment of  various types of cancer, as well as to underline the emerging possibilities  of nanomaterials for applications in anticancer therapy.

S. Nazir et al / Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 10 (2014) 19–34
Nacamed / Dynatec AS // Rakkestadveien 1, 1814 Askim